Welcome to Kagurazaka American English Conversation Hearing Room

Having a good pronunciation is the key to speaking English well.

As you improve your pronunciation, you will be able to express yourself clearly.

People you meet everyday will have a better understanding of what you want to say.


Why should you improve your pronunciation before going abroad?

This is because not everyone you meet will have a sympathetic ear. I have met numerous students at Kagurazaka Hearing Room, who by gradually improving their pronunciation, learned to speak well. This increased their confidence to want to speak English better.


If you consistently work on your pronunciation, this will help you to speak English fluently, as close as you can get to a native speaker. This is what we do best at Kagurazaka Hearing Room.


Studying English before leaving Japan, especially practice on improving your pronunciation skills, will give you tremendous boost. This will lead to an enjoyable experience while living abroad.

Kagurazaka American English Conversation Hearing Room


Manager of Foreign Section

John Gullatt